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East of England

10th September 2013


The site is being migrated to HTML5. The appearance will differ slightly, but most importantly, will now be viewable on mobile devices.  This will be a great time for feedback and suggestions for changes.   Information pages will be updated after the AGM.  Meanwhile, if you have any contributions, please email


12th Aug 2013


Congratulations to all the podium finishers throughout the season.  


Championship Standings.   (Click for full tables)



1 - John Myall

2 - Robert York

3 - Ben Hubbard



1 - Alec Springer

2 - Danny Conway

3 - Mark Everitt



1 - Nathan Jones

2 - Connor Watkins

3 - Bradley Letham



1 - Danny Conway

2 - Jamie Conway

3 - Graham Kisby




23rd July 2013


Results ARE UP!  CLICK



17th July 2013


Round 6 booking in closed!


8th July 2013


Round 6 booking in open!

Results are now up for round 5!  CLICK


10th June 2013


Round 5 booking in open!

Results are now up for round 4!  CLICK


3rd June 2013 - Booking in CLOSED


For round 4.  Entries being accepted for 5,6,7

Round 4 - 89 Entries, 65 Drivers and a full compliment of SC!


22nd May 2013 - Results are posted! CLICK


17th May 2013 - Provisional Heat Lists


Based on the drivers booked in, this is the provisional heat list.  It is subject to change on the day.   CLICK


14th May 2013 - UPDATE


Gates open 7.45am  (BOOK IN)

Open practice for SC 7.50 to 8:10

Open practice for 2WD 8:10 to 8:30

Open practice for 4WD 8:30 to 8:50


Drivers Briefing 8:50

1st heat 9am



13th May 2013


Colchester MCC/LBC Information:

Gates open 8am  (BOOK IN)

Open practice for 2WD 8:10 to 8:25

Open practice for 4WD 8:25 to 8:40

Open practice for SC 8:40 to 8:50


Drivers Briefing 8:50


1st heat 9am


Colchester are providing a Bar-B-Q.  



4th April 2013


Site is back up.  Information is being updated on formats and times at the moment.  Please check back regularly, subscribe to twitter etc.


25th March 2013


Pre-booking in closed for round 1 @ Holbeach.  If you would like to enter for round 1 - please contact


15 March 2013


Drivers Tips updated.  Includes the latest in tyre choices for the regional championship.  


3 January 2013


Hi one and all, Firstly may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year, all the best for 2013.


I have booked a room at a very nice pub just off the A14 near Bury st Edmunds. After checking through the response's I had to attend this worked out as a central venue.


This is a very nice pub with some nice food, and I believe Thursday's are pudding nights. With the numbers likely to attend I have no problem if you wish to order food and eat during the meeting. I like the relaxed casual approach to meetings, so if it means you can attend by saving having to rush around and cook at home before you leave then please feel free to eat at the meeting.


Details are as follows.


B.R.C.A East of England A.G.M


Date: Thursday 24th January 2013 @ 7.30

Venue: The Three Kings public house Fornham


Points to be raised so far: Venues & Dates 2013.

Entry Fees.


2012 Accounts,trophies ets.

Regional Bank Account.


I have had responses from people and points to be raised during the meetings.

Could I please just ask that you let me know if you will be able to attend so I know who to expect, or if there is anything you wished to be raised at the meeting, drop me an e-mail through here.


Hope to see you on the 24th.


Colin Parsfield



18 October 2012



Hi one and all, firstly sorry it has been quiet on here of late but getting married has meant the cars take a back seat for a week or two while we finalized the last wedding bits.

Anyway it's the BRCA AGM at the end of the month, Sunday 28th October. A week or two after this there will be a sectional meeting I am hoping to attend, from this I will have a list of dates we cannot use for 2013. After this I would like to hold a regional AGM, I will also be able to speak to potential host clubs for the 2013 season and have details on any new rules etc. I am looking for potential attending numbers for the regional AGM, I was thinking of a midweek evening, like a Thursday, I will look at a venue depending on the location of most interest shown.

I am asking if people could pm me either through Oople, or on with EOE AGM in the subject box,  and let me know if they would be interested in attending a regional AGM, and the town where they live, also if there is anything you want considered for the EoE regional.


Thanks to all.

Colin Parsfield



29th August


All of the entry money has now been sent to the BRCA, and entries confirmed.


I would like to wish all drivers the very best of luck, I was originally planning on racing in the F3/4/5's but after all of the planning for my upcoming wedding the week before, I am planning on chilling all week long.




"Good luck to all representing the East Of England Section"



22nd August

Regional Finals.

Current entry list as of 22nd August


F2 2wd Saturday 1st September

James Wright - PAID


F2 4wd Sunday 2nd September

James Wright – PAID

Ben Hubbard - PAID


Juniors 2wd Saturday 1st September


Juniors 4wd Sunday 2nd September


Vets 2wd Saturday 1st September


Vets 4wd Sunday 2nd September


F3,F4,F5 2wd Saturday 15th September

Danny Conway - PAID

Mark Everitt  - PAID

James Wright - PAID



F3,F4,F5 4wd Sunday 16th September

James Wright – PAID

Daren Brady – PAID



10th August

Regional Finals.


With the regional finals just a few weeks away I thought I would give you all a quick reminder that I need your entires and entry fee in to me, so I can send them off by19th, this is the closing date. Please contact me on either or 07876330687.

The current list of entries are.


2012 End of season finals.

Drivers registered as of 9th August


F2 2wd Saturday 1st September

James Wright

Simon Miller tbc


F2 4wd Sunday 2nd September

James Wright

Simon Miller tbc


Juniors 2wd Saturday 1st September


Juniors 4wd Sunday 2nd September


Vets 2wd Saturday 1st September


Vets 4wd Sunday 2nd September


F3,F4,F5 2wd Saturday 15th September

Danny Conway

Mark Everitt

James Wright

Simon Miller tbc

Demeitr Panayides


F3,F4,F5 4wd Sunday 16th September

Lee Hedges

James Wright

Simon Miller tbc



16th July


Firstly well done and congratulations to all our champions, 4wd - George Fairweather and John Myall, 2wd - Johnathon Brown, and er S/C -George Fairweather.

Secondly to all the Colchester crew for laying on a well run meeting after the early morning gremlins had struck.

Thirdly to all the drivers for turning up and supporting the series throughout the year...and last but by no means least, to mother nature for letting us run the last meeting without washing it out!!!

I will get the final tables posted on the BRCA site Tuesday, came to work and left the results at home, Doh'.


9th July 2012

End of season finals....


With just one round remaining, and with one title still to be deceided attention will soon turn to the end of season finals. A few people have already registered their interest, but I need anyone that wants to take part in the finals to fill out the attached forms, and return them to me signed, and with payment. regardless if you have already e-mailed me. Obviously Sunday I will be at Colchester so please try and catch up with me there and give me your completed forms. Failing that e-mail me through here and I will give you my postal address so you can send them to me. I would like to get these sent in as soon as possible so please don't delay if your wishing to race. Also attached is a host of information, details of the host clubs, requirements for entering the meetings, details of control tyres, and hotel accommodation.



8th July 2012


Hi one and all, so as most if not all of you will know, there has been an issue with trophies during the season. As it stands only round 1 at Coastal were handed out in full. I have now purchased the trophies for each round 2 up to and including the last round 6 at Colchester this coming Sunday. There are around 80 trophies, so instead of having a long presentation before the meeting I felt the best thing was to announce who is due a trophy, and try and catch up with you on Sunday. As it stands for the end of season trophies, I am hopeful of having the top 3 from each class for Sunday's meeting, so these could be presented after the final round. I am still awaiting the outstanding money from the out going rep and as soon as I obtain this I can look at the trophies for everyone else who qualifies for one. I am hopefull that everyone who partakes in 4 rounds will qualify for a trophy. Basically as soon as I know how much money is in the kitty, and how many drivers have qualified for trophies I will be able to order them.


The following drivers are owed trophies,

Boughton Round 2.


A final

1st - John Myall

2nd - George Fairweather

3rd - Carl Dufton


B final

1st - Lee Flyn

2nd - Graham Heron

3rd - Justin Wellbelove



A final

1st - Johnathon Brown

2nd - Simon Watson

3rd - David Evans


B final

1st - Simon Miller

2nd - George Miller

3rd - Lee Flyn



1st - Danny Conway

2nd - George Fairweather

3rd - Lee Hedges


Colchester Round 3


A final

1st - George Fairweather

2nd - Mark Lambert

3rd - Ben Hubbard


B final

1st - Barry Abbott

2nd - Colin Parsfield

3rd - Justin Wellbelove


C final

1st - James Wright



A final

1st - Simon Watson

2nd - Johnathon Brown

3rd - James Crockart


B final

1st - Adrian Dew

2nd - Darren Brady

3rd - Barry Fitzgerald



1st - George Fairweather

2nd - Lee Harris

3rd - Lee Hedges


Coastal Round 4


A final

1st - John Myall

2nd - George Fairweather

3rd - Simon Miller


B final

1st - Ben Hubbard

2nd - Carl Dufton

3rd - Nic Donovan



A final

1st - Johnathon Brown

2nd - Danny Conway

3rd - Simon Watson


B final

1st - Dan Usher

2nd - Darren Brady

3rd - Ken Harvey


C final

1st - Nic Donovan

2nd - Lez Woods

3rd - Paul Lee



1st - Danny Conway

2nd - George Fairweather

3rd - Jamie Conway


Boughton Round 5


A Final

1st - John Myall

2nd - George Fairweather

3rd - Barry Abbott


B final

1st - Carl Dufton

2nd - Mark Woods

3rd - Lee Flyn



A final

1st - Johnathon Brown

2nd - Danny Conway

3rd - David Evans


B final

1st - Ben Chester

2nd - Thomas Watkins

3rd - Scott Fitzgerald



1st - George Fairweather

2nd - Lee Hedges

3rd - Graig Fisher



2nd July 2012


Two Articles...


1 - Check out the new video, a supurb slow mo from a Boughton practice session. Check out a Durango riding the bumps and sliding around, showing just how much the suspension works and the body, wing and wheels flex.


2 - Round 6 - Colchester Confirmed


I can today confirm the final results of the voting concerning the final round of this years championship.


The Voting was equally shared between Colchester and Boughton, with a few votes for other venues. With this in mind I have spoken to the Colchester crew with concerns raised by many of you over the state of the track and rostrum. They have assured me that work has started on the track, with the grass being cut, the track being moved to avoid any unsuitable areas, I believe the double jumps have been also been removed. A carpenter is also penciled in to extend the rostrum. With all this in mind I believe we should look forward to the last round and aproach it with a positive attitude.


I look forward to seeing you all there and thanks for the many resposnes and comments with regards to the voting





After my post concerning the final round of this years championship, it has been bought to my attention by a number of people that the Colchester track is in quite a bad state of repair, with pot holes and weeds overgrown all over the track. I am going to put it to you the drivers, what would you like to see happen?


These are the options:

1 - Keep the final round at Colchester and trust the track will be fit and ready.

2 - Move it to a different venue for the last round....

......this leads to another question

2a - What venue would you like to see it at? I have two clubs who are prepaired to host the last round.


To stop the chance of this being an unfair vote, with mr X and Y voting,I would ask that you PM me through the post on Oople under the East Of England section, with your name and answer on what you want to happen, I will only accept answers from people who have or will be running in the series this year.


Just to clear the air for 2013 I do not want to alienate any clubs and in an ideal world would like as many clubs to host a meeting as possible, so any clubs will be considered for 2013 if the required standards are met. It's been a tough year with the changes and weather so let's all get through to the end of the season and start again in 2013.




Colchester Round 6 - Track details.


Having spoken to the CMCC crew I can now confirm a few track details for the final round. The track will be the same one as was used at round 3 earlier in the season. The track itself was a grass/dirt mix with ruts and bumps and seemed to go down well with most of the drivers, It's called off road racing for a reason and the track tested a drivers skill. The main thing was that despite all of the rain in the run up and the down pour during the day the track drained well and actually seemed to dry up as the day wore on. The only issue was the length of the rostrum, but I have assurances that the rostrum will be extended in some way and be secure and sturdy.

Now lets all pray that the sun will come out for the 4wd championship decider.



Introduction from the new EoE rep....


Good evening to each and every one of you. As you will have read after the EGM at Boughton on Sunday I have taken over the reigns as the rep for our region.  


Just to introduce myself to you all so you have an idea of me and my RC background, I am thirty something and live in Mildenhall, have a two year old daughter, and am due to marry my fiance in September, (yes I did try and plan it around the regional finals!).


I have been involved with RC cars since around 1997, and raced in a few national series along the way namely the Tamiya Europcup and 1/8 Rally cross. I am secretary of Weeting Model Car Club, a position I have held for some fifteen years. I am also one of the Boughton crew, a track that started out as a place for a small group of us to just race around, and  now as you may have seen has developed and with the new 1/10 astro track has built up into a great new venue. We also organise and run the Primrose Valley Model Week every year in Scarborough. I have only got back into 1/10 off road last year and have really enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the EoE series. When the position of rep came up I wanted to take it on as I want to see the series continue to flourish and progress.


The BRCA web site is a new one to me so as I find my way around it and look after the 'F' grading finals, please bear with me.  If I do make a mistake or get something wrong let me know, and I will try and correct it as soon as possible. I love RC cars as we all do otherwise we wouldn't race them. I am very aproachable and always willing to talk to you so catch up with me trackside.


Lastly but by no means least I would like to thank Ben Hubbard for all of his help, and to you all for your cooperation.


Colin Parsfield.


10-06-12  NEW REP!

Lee Flynn and Colin Parsfield were both voted in to see the region through the remainder of 2012.  However, it was later deemed that it would be better for a single rep and the baton passed wholey to Colin so......

A warm welcome to the new EoE rep - Colin Parsfield.  Everything is being handed over, including all user accounts.  Good luck Colin, good luck EoE.!  Send your queries, questions to


10-06-12 Rule 19.2 - Championship Update part 2 and EGM.

The EGM was held.   Ruling explained.  Conclusion - 2WD and 4WD adjustments stand as per BRCA ruling.  SC trucks, as per driver vote, will have thier original results stand but the remaining rounds will be run 1/ staggered start and 2/ to BRCA 1/10th OR rules.


NEW REP! Next announcement



07-06-12 RULE 19.2 - Championship Update

It has come to our attention that there was an oversight in the scoring for round 1.   Due to the weather and subsequent abandonment of   at the end of the 2nd Leg of the finals, all results must be taken from the end of qualifying.  For many this makes little or no difference, but for a couple of drivers it means a leap in one of two directions.  Check out the Champ Tables for the updates.   To see the "net" effect, click here


28-05-12 End of Season Finals EoE Entry Open!

The end of season finals are now open for entry.  Whilst priority is given to those competing in the EoE regional championship, anyone with a BRCA license is able to enter.   The region will take its best 5 drivers from each grade to the F3,4,5’s that have entered and paid.   For more info and to enter click here.



To be held at Boughton Raceway before drivers briefing on the

10th June 2012.  


24-05-12 - Race reports from Horizon Hobby

Click here for the East of England Race Reports!


COASTAL - Round 4



Horizon Hobby signs 2011 2WD and 4WD regional champ, George Fairweather for a TLR drive.  Only listed for 4WD and SC this year, George will be seen sporting the new Losi SCTE for the remainder of the season and is currently sittng at the top of the 2012 SC Championship table.


20-05-12 - Champ table updated to include Round 4 Results.

New custodians of 2WD, 1st and 2nd take there place at the end of Round 4.  Simon Miller takes top spot with Ken Harvey in second, bumping existing top of the table dweller Lee Flynn into 3rd place.  What can be assured, is an overhaul when the "drop" score effect kicks in.   It was a steady run in 2WD and his best score yet in 4WD that has seen Simon Miller jump up this week.   George Fairweather nearly sealed the 4WD championship early but for a great final performance from John Myall to keep the Championship open.   2WD was dominated by Jonathan Brown who is tipped to take the 2WD title if he beats his NBC counterpart Simon Watson at Boughton for Round 5.   In the SC, it's George hanging onto the Championship lead but with Danny Conway lurking down the table ready to pounce at round 5 when the drop scores kick in.  Round 4 saw a tough battle between Danny Conway, Jamie Conway and George Fairweather.  It was Danny Conways last lap overtake on Jamie in the first leg giving him his 1st win of two that keeps this championship set for an exicting finish.



15-05-12 - IMPORTANT INFO FOR COASTAL MODEL CAR CLUB - Please do not drive along Bourne Terrace until 9am on Sunday 20/05.  If you arrive before 9am, please wait on Bourne Hill.


23-04-12 - RESULTS ARE NOW UP...

CLICK HERE to go straight to the results section and see the Championship standings.


21-04-12 - Booking in Closed for Round 3.

Turn up on the day for all remaining entrants.  See you Sunday!!!


10-04-12 - Booking in now open for Colchester Round 3.


08-04-12 - We'll be racing whatever the weather!  

The forecast is not looking that great at the moment, but don't fear!  We will be racing whatever the weather!!  Michael Fish text me earlier and has confirmed the rain should pass us by!  He NEVER gets the weather wrong.


02-04-12 - Round 2 This Easter Monday @Boughton Raceway

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that the regional this weekend is on Bank Holiday Monday.  The perfect end to the bank holiday weekend... make sure you get yourself booked in!


26-03-12 - Boughton Raceway Lands!

A Regional warm up took place this weekend @ Boughton Raceway, to huge acclaim from all those attending.  Boughton host the 2nd Round of the EoE championship on April 9th and come rain or shine, it will be a fantastic days racing!  Book in now HERE


30-1-12 This is it BRCA EofE 2012!

Rd1 18th March  Coastal Model car club,

Rd2 9th April       Boughton Raceway,

Rd3 22nd April   Colchester Model car club,

Rd4 20th May     Coastal Model car club,

Rd5 10th June   Southend Model car club,

Rd6 15th July     Colchester Model car club.


24-12-11 Seasons greetings!

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year,

looking forward to a great 2012 season.

The new EofE rep,

Thomas Evans



The EoE will see in a new regional rep for 2012.  For more information, or if you can't make it, and wish to send any concerns or considerations: contact - > and this will be raised before all those attending make a decision on who the rep will be for 2012.  


17-10-11  Representing!

The East of England needs someone to take it forward for 2012.  If you would like to pick up the baton and run with it, please email 


10-09-11 F-Licences for 2012

Have been published.  They are based on all drivers qualifying for regional points the table is as follows - CLICK

Please note, these may be subject to peer review and amended.


10-09-11 End of Season Final entries confirmed

All drivers who entered the End of Season finals through the East of England have been accepted and confirmed.  


10-09-11 Results - FINALLY updated

Championship results including round 6 have been updated and are now being processed for 2012 F-Grades.  Details to follow shortly.


30-08-11 End Of Season Finals

Last chance to get your entries in - CLICK HERE to get your entries in.  If you have any problems, get in touch.


25-08-11 AGM Information

The AGM section has now been added HERE.  All contributions are welcome and all will be considered.  Submit it before the AGM to encourage support for your idea/ proposal. It's about making 2012 better for everyone and getting the best racing atmosphere we can.



George Fairweather, Double Regional Champion - 2WD and 4WD &

Simon Watson Round 6 2WD and 4WD Winner.

And congratulations to all those who took part, supported and assisted in getting the 2011 EoE regional series running.  WELL DONE!  Full results will be posted on Thursday once all the "data" has been delivered.  Emails for addresses will be needed for those trophies being sent out by post.


20-08-11 Provisional Heat Listing on

Please see the list for rd6 here. HEAT LIST



Well done to Jonathan Brown - Keeping the 2WD title alive with an excellent TQ and win from a desperate and chasing pack. George Fairweather TQ'd the 4WD but it was Simon Watson that took the overall win.   This meant the George Fairweather became the 2011 EoE 4WD champion - CONGRATULATIONS.



ARC have been in touch and regrettably inform us that due to planning delays it is possible they will not be ready in time for round 6.  We do look forward to their new venue as the efforts they have gone too must surely mean this could a contender for track of the region!  We'll post up as soon as we here more info relating to the track/club.

The new host for round 6 will be announced very shortly.


28-06-11 Results are now POSTED!


28-06-11 - Results pending B Final information........


14-06-11 Seeding for Round 4 of BRCA Regional @ MERCC

Confirmation of dual seeding arrangements for round 4.  Therefore ensures fairness with championship preference for both club and regional competition.  Seedings will be sent in advance to all competitors by Saturday 25th.  To qualify, entries must be received by 23rd June 2011.


08-06-11 Manningtree Car Show RC event - Cancelled.


26-05-11 End of Season Finals Entries Now being accepted

Go to information page - EoS Finals - CLICK!


23-05-11 ROUND 3 EoE Regional Results are posted.

Congratulations to George Fairweather for securing the 1st Double of the championship.  But that's not all, he took TQ in both classes sealing another 1 point, which has now made it virtually impossible to catch in the 4WD and enough to steal the overall lead in the closely fought 2WD.  Simon Watson put in his best overall 4WD performance to take overall second place and was earnt after an excellent 3rd leg win.  Chased hard by John Myall and Ben Hubbard, both just missing the buzzer and unable to utilise, what became, Simons procession lap.  After the 1st round at Coastal which saw Dave Evans dominate in the finals with his rear mounted TLR-22.  The field followed suit and capitalised on the enhanced performance.  But if rear mounted motors were advantagous, Simon Watson's mid-mounted Vega Elite ignored such physics, taking two seconds and a 1st, losing overall victory with countback.  Round 4 will either be the biggest comeback in 4WD from the chasing pack, or crown George EoE 4WD Regional Champion.  2WD on the other hand has been blown wide open with Sundays results.  Round 4 @ MERCC is on the    26th June.  


20-05-11 Manningtree Car Show EVENT IS GO!

The MCS show is held every year.  This year it's different for two reasons. One, Colchester Model Car Club are hosting the RC racing and two, it's much later in the calendar - the 19th June.  Already a huge attraction for the hundreds of specators and public that visit the show, the racing is a fantastic advert for the RC scene, and gives your racing extra Kudos ;o).  For full details, visit, CMCC


09-05-11 MERCC (Mid Essex Radio Car Club) Braxted to HOST!

MERCC have just confirmed that they will host round 4 of the BRCA EoE Regional series.   With a new track for 2011 that's 38% bigger than 2010's; This is an exciting addition to the race calendar.


09-05-11 BRCA Announce BWOC (British Winter Open Championship)

The BRCA British Winter Off-Road Championships 2011/12 has now been confirmed and will be held at Silverstone Moto Arena hosted by Silverstone RCMCC.   Date: 10/11th December 2011

More details will be posted on the website.


07-05-11 New ARC developments delayed.

Due to "red tape" with planning, ARC have announced that they will not be ready for Round 4 on the 26th June. With planning consent and construction still to follow, Mark Everitt of ARC made the call and have given the EoE time to make alternative arrangments.  With the relative success of the championship and many of the regions clubs providing drivers, we remain confident that an alternative venue will be finalised shortly. More details regarding round 4 will follow.


03-05-11 New DEX410 set up sheet uploaded

George Fairweather, currently dominating the 4WD EoE championship has submitted his DEX410 set up sheet that earnt TQ and all won all 3 legs of the final. See it here


02-05-11 Round 3 Booking in Open

Please go to the "Book In" section to register and if before Wednesday the 19th to receive priority heat listing!


01-05-11 Congratulations to

Simon Watson, 2WD; George Fairweather 4WD and joint Junior champs Lewis Cocksedge and Ben Spindley.


01-05-11 2nd Round results are up and overall standings


15-04-11 1st Round Race Report is now LIVE

Click on the results section.  A big thank you to Zipper for his hard work on compiling all the information. ;o)


13-04-11  Results have been posted for round 1.

For all the info, go to the results section


11-04-11 - Well done to George Fairweather - 4WD Winner, Dave Evans - 2WD Winner and Thomas Watkins - Top Junior


08-04-11 - GATES OPEN AT 8.30AM!!! Please do not arrive before this time as we do not want to upset the local residents!


05-04-11 - MORE TROPHIES!

On top of the overall championship trophies, 2WD, 4WD and Junior classes;  There are 3 more trophies, just for Round 1.  2WD Winner, 4WD Winner and Junior  Winner.


04-04-11 - The countdown begins!

Just 6 days until round 1 of the East of England Regional.  Currently 16 drivers booked into 4WD and 12 booked into 2WD.  It's going to be a great day, and the weather is looking very promising too!  If you haven't booked in as yet, there is still plenty of time!  Would be great to see more of you there this coming Sunday.


30-03-11 - Please book in on-line

The good news is that the provisional numbers for Round 1 are looking good. The bad news is that many haven't actually booked in yet.  We are really hoping for as many different people to have a go and we are very much welcoming all standards.


To help us out on the day, a pre-booking system is in get booked in (click Book In from the menu), oil the shocks, polish the shells and be here......




Don't worry about paying in advance, just pay on the day


There will be 3 Qualy heats and 3 finals.  The heats will be split into their classes of 2WD and 4WD to keep the racing, fun, fair and tight.  


02-02-11 - Colchester Model Car Club announce.....

They will host round 2 of the EoE regional on May 1st 2011.

Track building for this round will be on Wednesday evening prior to the meeting (27th April). Whilst CMCC have a design in mind, they have said that all input and assistance on the night will be very welcome.


29-01-11 - A.R.C information

A.R.C have confirmed the acquisition of land for what is about to be known as A.R.C II.  Following the immeadiate popularity and requirement to cater for more drivers; A.R.C's founder, Tony Hill and events manager, Mark Everitt have secured a second site which is bigger and better.  More information will follow on the progress, it's location and planned facilities.


24-01-11 - How many!

A key peice of info missing, so here it is...........

It's 4 rounds of 6 to count.  So you can drop two scores.


24-01-11 - Drivers info!!!

Please check the drivers info section for all the T's and C's.  This section explains the race fees and how the region is keeping costs down for the drivers whilst maximising the return for the clubs!


23-01-11 - Potential new venue in the EoE.

Less than year after A.R.C launched their track in Abberton, near Colchester, they announce they are close to securing a second site.  More news will follow as developments unfold.


23-01-11 - 2011 Race dates for the East of England Regional are announced.  Club information to follow shortly. 


23-01-11 - "Drivers Tips" page updated.  

Drivers, send in your tips for visitors to get the most out of their racing at your home track.




01-11-10 - East of England 1:10 Off Road AGM Venue UPDATE.....

Red Lion



CO11 1BG


Register your interest here -  CLICK!


19-10-10 - East of England 1:10 Off Road AGM Venue is.....

The BEAGLE @ IP8 3AR.  Everyone is invited, but you must register your interest here CLICK!


19-09-10 - East of England competes at F3,4,5's @ SILVERSTONE

Four of the regions drivers competed at the end of year finals.  The full results will be published at .



Congratulations to John Myall who took both the 2WD and 4WD titles.  John was made to earn his titles as Ben Chester took TQ in the 2WD.  Whilst Ben battled hard with his Schumacher Couger it was in the finals where John took two wins from two to secure round 3 victory and the overall 2WD championship.   Meanwhile in the 4WD, Ben Hubbard the main contender for the title struggled in qualifying, but found his momentum in the finals. At the end of leg 2; it was a 1,2 for Ben Hubbard and a 2,1 for John Myall which brought a tense 3rd leg final with the victor guaranteed to take the championship.  A sterling drive from John Myall sealed a deserved victory for round 3 and also the championship win with his Team Durango 2010 DEX410.


8-09-10 - East of England AGM.  Provisional date 3rd November 2010. Venue will be confirmed later depending on registration of attendees. Click here to register your interest.



MORErc announce - "Regional to be last race of the season"



Booking in for EoE Regional Round 3 is open



BRCA (National) - AGM 31st October 2010



Round 2 results now posted.





A.R.C Raceway

Boughton Raceway

Coastal MCRC

Colchester MCC

Herts NMC







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